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Start Date – Monday, October 19,  3:00-5:00Brass, winds, and colorguard. (Percussion will being on Tuesday 10/20 3:00-5:00). Bring your instrument/equipment, and a towel. Instruments will be used, but not played. More details below. Students who do not wish to attend in person, or who are multi sport athletes, may continue to participate in the distance format for full credit. Distance learners should sign in to at the scheduled start time (details below).

Green Screen Screenshots – Parents of students who are under the age of 18 need to complete the “Student Symptom Assessment Tool” on behalf of their student. Parents may take a screenshot of that day’s “green screen” and send it to their student to use at check in.

A reminder about how to complete the Symptom Assessment process:

  • Go to
  • Complete the “Student Assessment Tool”
  • If you are cleared to attend, you will get a “green screen”
  • If you are a parent completing the assessment on behalf of your minor student, send them a screenshot of the green screen for them to use at check-in
  • As you enter campus for training, have your green screen out and visible. The coach or trainer will verify the correct time stamp on the green screen

Overview of the Process – To get a sense of how the in-person training will flow, please watch this walkthrough Mr. Carlson prepared on Friday. There is also a bonus sneak peak video you can see here.

Paperwork – If your student wishes to participate in sports training, the following documents must be submitted.

  • Activity Emergency Card – Click HERE
  • Covid Test – All students who decide to participate are required to produce evidence of a negative Covid test. Click HERE for information about testing locations and HERE for information about financial assistance
  • Covid Waiver – Click HERE

Sports Training Update 10/13

Voluntary In Person Sports TrainingDaily Procedures

Once we have our confirmed start date the Schedule will shift to allow for travel time:

  • Mondays 3:00 – 5:00 – Brass, woodwinds and colorguard
  • Tuesdays 3:00 – 5:00 –  Percussion
  • Thursdays 3:00 – 5:00 – All
  • Bring a water bottle, towel, and your instrument/equipment.
  • Prior to entering campus, go to and complete the “Student Symptom Assessment Tool”. Students under the age of 18 must have their parent complete the questionnaire for them using the parent/guardian choice. If you are cleared to attend, you will get a “green screen”
  • Enter campus by pulling into the lower Peck lot on the corner of Peck and Artesia. Turn left (towards Artesia), and follow the markers to the drop off area. If your student is driving themselves, they may park in a perimeter spot near their Pre-Training area.
  • Arrive wearing your mask
  • Have your green screen out and visible as you enter. The coach or trainer at the entrance will verify correct time stamps on the green screen. Attendance will be recorded.
  • Get temperature taken
  • Go directly to your cohort’s location
  • Athletes will be pre-assigned their cohort group (A-J) which will remain fixed for each practice. Each cohort will have a designated pre-workout location. For example, they might be Cohort Group A, number 3. This means they will place their belongings at the location on the map marked A, and they will train in  location number 3.
  • Go to activity areas as directed by staff (roman numerals I-X on the map)
  • At the end of training, return to your pre-workout area, and pick up your personal belongings. Use hand sanitizer
  • If your vehicle is there you may depart at that time

MB&CG In-Person Training Update (UPDATED 10/1) – Several of you have let us know that the company who makes the Music Masks is no longer taking individual orders. The Boosters will place a bulk order for the program, and will in turn make them available to families at cost.

What do you need to do if your student wants to participate in voluntary in-person Sports Training?

  • Complete the interest form to allow us to confirm the number of cohorts and other details. Form can be found HERE.
  • Complete the participation WAIVER.  
  • Have your student take a Covid-19 test –
    • Any negative COVID test is acceptable
    • An anti-body test is not acceptable
    • Students for which this is a financial burden can fill out THIS FORM indicating they would like assistance.
  • Complete the Athletic Activity Emergency Card. This form can be found HERE.
  • Drop off your packet:
    • Drop Off Instructions: Place all paperwork in a sealed envelope and drop it in the MARCHING BAND collection box just inside the front office at Mira Costa between 8-4 on M/Tu/Th/F.
      • On the outside of the sealed envelope please note: Student Name, Student Grade, Sport (Marching Band or Colorguard)
      • Envelope must include: Emergency Card, negative Covid-19 test, and participation waiver.
  • Brass & Woodwinds Students – Because we are expecting that we will conduct visual training only (holding, but not playing instruments), all students will be able to use a standard mask that covers the nose and mouth.
    • Once we are able to play instruments in person, brass and woodwinds students will need to use both Music Masks and bell covers. These do not need to be ordered right now – we will keep you updated, and let you know when these items do need to be provided.
      • Music Masks are specially-designed overlapping construction masks that allow students to play while their nose and mouth are still covered. There is a different music mask for flute players, and for other brass and winds players. Additional information is available on the “Covid-19/Digital Learning” the page.
      • Bell Covers are essentially masks for the instrument. Additional information is available on the website on the “Covid-19/Digital Learning” the page. FLUTE PLAYERS – commercially produced flute aperture covers are not currently available for sale. Flute players will receive an email with further details about covering flutes.

Marching Band & Colorguard Schedule: Please note that if and when we have the opportunity to rehearse together in person, we will revert to the old announced schedule (3:00 to 5:00) to allow for travel time from home to Costa after the 5th/6th period ends. All sessions are virtual until further notice.

  • Winds & Guard – Mondays and Thursdays – 2:30 – 4:30pm
  • Percussion – Tuesdays and Thursdays – 2:30 – 4:30pm

What Will Marching Band & Colorguard Look Like in Fall 2020?

As with all aspects of life these days, our fall Marching Band & Colorguard season is going to require us to be flexible and adapt as circumstances change. Our dedicated faculty has reimagined marching season, and we have shifted to a parade format. Our faculty is developing a fully online experience that will feature virtual and augmented reality practice techniques and green screen video production. Should conditions change so that students may safely perform in public, the parade routine will be performed at the first opportunity, even if that turns out to be after the end of a typical marching season or after the new year (though the Marching Band and Colorguard class itself will still only be a fall semester class).

Traditional band camp has been replaced this year with a complement of virtual social events, beginning on August 17th with our Welcome Dinner! Please go to the Calendar tab above and select “Marching Band & Colorguard” for the full schedule.

​Should you have any questions about marching band, please email Karni Syed at If you have questions about colorguard please email Michele Gentille at

Mira Costa Marching Band

What is Marching Band?

What is Colorguard?

MBOS Championships in Las Vegas

2019-2020 SEASON

It takes a village to keep our students safe and to help them have a positive experience.  In order to do this, we need approximately 30-40 parent volunteers for each home game and field tournament.  Please sign up!

About 20 students and adults load the band equipment and uniform carts onto trucks on the field tournament day.  We need 2 volunteers for each field tournament date to jointly provide lunch and water for the truck loading crew.

We need families to help support the Band with food donations for our long field show days, including the Las Vegas show. For much like an army, this group runs on its stomach!
Thanks in advance to all our wonderful families for volunteering and donating!

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