MCHS 2021 JV Winterguard Show

MCHS 2020 JV Winterguard Show

Due to Covid, all Winterguard tournaments were canceled shortly into the 2020 season. This video captures the JV team’s performance right before the March shutdown.

WGASC Championships 2019

MCHS 2021 Varsity Winterguard Show

MCHS 2020 Varsity Winterguard Show

Due to Covid, all Winterguard tournaments were canceled shortly into the 2020 season. This video captures the Varsity team’s performance right before the March shutdown.

2019 Winterguard Paramount

WG Championships 2018

What is Colorguard and Winterguard?

Mira Costa’s award-winning program is a year-round sport that combines athleticism, creativity and artistry.  

COLORGUARD is a performance sport that utilizes flags, rifles and sabre’s to create a visual show.  In the Fall, the Colorguard is part of the Marching Band, and performs along with the band at home and away football games, participates in parades, and competes in Field Tournaments with the Marching Band.  In the Spring, the Colorguard goes inside, and performs as

WINTERGUARD in the gym.  Using the same skills, the team performs a themed show using flags, rifles, and sabers.  During the Spring season, Winterguard participates in competitions throughout Southern California.

If you are unfamiliar with Colorguard, think of any parade you’ve seen – the Colorguard is the team that accompanies Marching Bands to offer visual interest via colorful flag work.   You might also recall seeing them perform alongside the band during half-time shows.

Benefits of Joining

​For new students, it can provide an incredible attachment to school that also allows them to build new friendships and skills.  It allows for personal development both academically and socially, and gives an opportunity for authentic leadership experiences.  For students new to Mira Costa, it is an opportunity to meet new people and build strong friendships.  Band and Guard kids often refer to it as their “band family”. 

Colorguard/Marching Band and Winterguard fulfills MCHS PE requirement for graduation. 

How much time does Guard take?

Each student has their own unique role and responsibilities in the show, but everyone is on the field or floor, and everyone performs – every time. Students in Colorguard learn focus techniques and time management skills that serve them well in their life and academic careers.  40% of Marching Band/Colorguard students have GPAs at 4.0 or higher, 70% hold a 3.5 or higher, and 80% are honored as scholar-athletes, keeping their GPAs above 3.3 during the marching band season.  

Colorguard begins in August and runs through November where they perform with the Marching Band. Starting in December the pre-season for Winterguard begins and runs through April. During May and June the guard prepares their own performances for the class. The Guard meets in the band room during 6th period year-round and depending on the season meets 2 to 3 times a week after school to practice. Performances take place on various weekends throughout the year.

Colorguard & Winterguard

1 practice/wk (if in town)
2 wks of Fall Training
​(mandatory for all)

Practices after school (typically Mon/Tues/Thurs)
4-6 Football Games (Friday nights)
4 +/- Field Show Tournaments (Saturdays)

Practices after school (typically 2 times a week)
5-8 Competitions (Saturday’s)

Marching Band season is football season. The band practices after school, attends games, and all-day Field Show Tournaments.

Spring Winterguard season begins in December with practices, typically from 3:00pm-5:30pm at MCHS. During December and January, there may be occasional Saturday practice, but calendars are set in advance and we typically do not practice during the two-week Winter Break. The performance season is from February to April.

Students sign up for both semesters of this sport. Each semester includes 1 semester of PE Credit, for a full year of credit. Colorguard/Winterguard is only offered 6th Period.

Recent Awards

Azusa Field Tournament
High School AA
1st Place, 2017

West Coast Winter Guard Championships
Scholastic Regional A Champions, 2016
“The Lost Boys of Neverland”

Winterguard Association of Southern California Lynwood High School
Scholastic Regional A
2nd Place, 2016
“The Lost Boys of Neverland”

Royal High School Field Tournament 
1st Place & High Visual Sweepstakes, 2016
“Trapped in Time”

Golden State Field Tournament
1st Place Band, 2nd Place Auxillary, 2016
“Trapped in Time”

Winterguard Association of Southern California Championships
Scholastic Regional A 
2nd Place, 2014
“Twilight Zone”